Friday, January 28, 2011

Seattle Injury Lawyer Talks to Students About Distracted Driving

Seattle personal injury attorney and Teens Against Distracted Driving (TADD) founder Jason Epstein visited Eastside Catholic High School last Wednesday to talk to the students about the dangers of distracted driving. Put on by the High School’s DECA program, the assembly also featured local celebrity John Curley, State Patrol Trooper Brandy Kessler, and a pre-taped speech by Gov. Christine Gregoire.

Epstein, an attorney at the Bellevue injury law firm of Premier Law Group, talked to the nearly 600 students in attendance about how texting while driving is akin to drunk driving. His TADD program, founded a little more than a year ago, has been focused on spreading this message to teenagers, who are the most at-risk group to be involved in a distracted driving accident.
“Believe it or not, as the most inexperienced drivers on the road, you are also the worst drivers on the road,” Epstein told the crowd. “When you add texting into the mix, it makes you even more dangerous.”
The assembly touched on every part of distracted driving. Curley entertained the crowd with interesting statistics, and play by play on a tricycle race meant to simulate what it is like to text and drive. Kessler talked about her role as a police officer and how she has had to tell too many families that their child is dead because of a distracted driving accident. Epstein focused on the legal aspect, and the real consequences of getting into a car accident due to negligent driving.
As a Bellevue car accident lawyer, Epstein has dealt with distracted driving accidents his entire career – representing the victims that were injured as a result. His message was loud and clear: if you text and drive, and injure someone in an auto accident as a result, the next time you see him will be in court.
“If you’re in an auto accident while texting, the accident is going to be your fault, and you are going see me in that courtroom,” Epstein said. “Where I’m trying to prove to 12 jurors why they should take from you – and since you are minors, you’re parents – as much money as I can get for my client.”
For more information about TADD, and Premier Law Group, you can contact Seattle car accident lawyer Jason Epstein at (206) 285-1743. Also, check out this article for more information about Wednesday’s assembly.



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