Monday, December 6, 2010

What to do After a Motorcycle Accident

Seattle car accident attorney Jason Epstein continues his FAQ series about personal injury cases. In this video, Jason discusses what to do after a motorcycle accident.
Being a Washington motorcycle accident lawyer, I have seen a lot of accident victims damage their cases by not doing everything they should have following the crash. Most people don't genuinely take into consideration the fact that they might be hit by a negligent or distracted driver, but it happens, so it is best to be prepared with the know-how of how to proceed afterwards. Having been in a motorcycle accident myself, I realize all too well how disorienting a crash can be, but in order to be sure you make your case as formidable as possible, there are a few things that you must do. Here they are:
Report Complaints thoroughly: Assuming that you want to recover money to pay for your medical bills after a motorcycle accident, then you will have to report all of the pain and injuries that resulted from it. A lot of people who get into motorcycle accidents try to tough out their injuries, but there is absolutely no reason do this if the accident was the other person’s fault. Not telling your doctor about all of your pain can only hurt your health and your case. It is important that the doctor knows everything so they can diagnose what the issue is and how to treat it.
Another way to report your injuries that can help you later in the process is to take down a daily journal. This way you can document how you felt each day after the accident, which can be used to refresh your memory later on in the process. Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious head trauma, in which case it may be best for a loved one to be in charge of the journal. Either way, this can be very useful when the insurance company tries to lower or deny your claim.
Preserve the evidence: Beyond documenting how you felt after the accident, it is important to document the accident itself. By taking photographs of the scene, you can show evidence of fault. By taking pictures of your injuries on the scene, you can show a jury just how bad your injuries were immediately after the accident. As a Bothell injury lawyer, I know just how bad some of the physical effects of a motorcycle crash can be, but people not as familiar will be able to understand with the pictures you take. Also try to preserve any other evidence from the crash, including the clothes you wore, and even broken parts of your motorcycle.
Get Witnesses: It can be a huge boost to your motorcycle injury case if you have neutral witnesses that can attest to your story of the accident. Witness testimony holds great sway in proving fault, and proving that someone else was responsible for the accident is essential in winning claims. Be sure to look all around for witnesses if you are not injured too badly. Common witness locations include cars around the scene of the accident, people on the street, and people in buildings nearby.
Over 2,000 Washington motorcycle accidents occur every year, and for the most part, it is not the motorcyclist that causes them. Making the right decisions and collecting the necessary evidence after an accident is critical for anyone who is unfortunate enough to be involved in one. If you have been in a motorcycle accident and would like advice free of charge from an experienced Renton motorcycle accident lawyer, give Premier Law Group a call at (206) 285-1743.


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